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To take the chemical safety exam please go to

1. To access on line training “ Click Here”
2. Enter your NEU user name and password.
3. Take the exam for “Hazardous communication training /Chemical Hygiene Parts 1 and 2 “
4. Once you have finished the test, it will generate a certificate, which you should forward it to admin (, for approval.

Fab Notices

  • Parks Scientific XE7 AFM

    The AFM Vibration table will be available for use from Tuesday evening, Jan 17 2017.

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  • Thermal Evaporator

    The Thermal Evaporator went down over the weekend with a problem with the Cryo Pump Compressor. There was an issue with the Cooling Water for the Egan

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  • ICP Plasma-Therm Etch Tool

    The ICP Plasma-Therm Etch Tool is back online. The Turbo Pump Controller was repaired and reinstalled back in the system. Also the cooling water lines

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Upcoming Events

  • 04/14/2015 - 04/30/2015

    Kostas User meeting

    We are planning to have the next Kostas User meeting soemtime during the week of July 20th. During this meeting The users would have a chance to meet

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Kostas Center News

  • New website

    The new website is active from July 1st. The old website will be archived on July 1st. Any booking event should be done through the new website. User

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448 Egan Center, 360 Huntington Ave., Boston, Massachusetts 02115 Phone: 617-373-5848